Bunnerfly Wooden Pendant (Red Cedar) - 06

Bunnerfly Wooden Pendant (Red Cedar) - 06


Newly designed by Heathersketcheroos and FinandFeather, these beautifully handmade wooden pendants are ready for spring! There are a wide variety of styles on top of unique grain and patterns of the natural hardwood, ensuring that each pendant is completely unique with its own characteristics and traits.

Each pendant is individually laser engraved, then hand sanded from 100, 150 to 220 grit to ensure smooth grain, finally being brushed down and a stainless steel jump ring added, ready for your chain!

Pendants are approximately 0.75” wide, and 1.5” tall. Dimensions are not exact, as each pendant is hand-crafted, so slight size variations may occur.

No finish is added. You may finish with wax or mineral oil, however it is not necessary.

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